Exterior Cleaning And Power Washing

Welcome Mooresville, NC Resident.  FatBoyProWash should be your first choice for pressure washing and exterior cleaning services in your area.  Since 2010, FatBoyProwash LLC has been providing exceptional services at a fair price.  We back all of our work with our total satisfaction guarantee and great customer service.    We offer a full range of Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services.  If you would like an free no obligation estimate please call (828) 292-3612 or click HERE to fill out an estimate request form.

Low Pressure House Washing

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. And it is important to upkeep it for your lifetime. The exterior takes a beating from natural elements. These elements can and will degrade your home. From mold, mildew, algae, and even dirt. To maintain the appearance and value of your home a routine house washing service is recommended. Cleaning can greatly slow the ravages of nature and degradation of your biggest investment. And it will enhance the beauty and preserve the value and livability of your home.  We never use high pressure in our house washing services. Cleaning of exterior surfaces like stucco, brick, vinyl siding, hardie plank, and other surfaces are cleaned using a low pressure/soft washing process. Using a low pressure/soft wash method, allows us to clean more efficiently without the risk of damage to the surfaces of your home.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely our cleaning process is safe for your property. We clean your home using biodegradable products that leave no unintended effects on your property after we leave.  Family and Pets can resume all activities after a cleaning.   We go to great lengths to protect your property and we make sure all items that could potentially be damaged during cleanings are removed or covered to insure this doesn’t happen.  Most importantly our safe low-pressure process will protect your home’s exterior from any damage that high pressure cleaning can cause.

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

Having mold, moss, and mildew stains removed from your shingles is one of the easiest ways to maintain or improve the beauty of your home. The blackened areas and streaking you see on your roof is an infestation of bacteria and algae that is feeding, growing and spreading across your roof’s shingles. This type of algae, moss and mold will retain moisture and will prematurely age and cause a breakdown of your shingles. Shortening the intended life cycle of your roof. With our no pressure application and blend of detergents our no pressure roof cleaning, these invasive species are eliminated and your homes beauty is restored.

 Is Roof Cleaning Safe?

As industry trained and certified roof cleaners Fatboy ProWash LLC takes special care while treating and cleaning your roof. We look for potential conflicts with the cleaning before we start and offer extra protection to those items or suggest options to still proceed with the cleaning while protecting those items. We only use low pressure to apply detergents and during the rinse. High pressure has no place on a roof and should never be used. It will quickly blast away essential components of the roof system causing permanent damage and cause the roof to be prematurely aged. We use biodegradable products that after a small amount of time become inert and break down into their natural ingredients leaving no danger to the surrounding environment.

Concrete Cleaning

Dirt, mold, mildew, and algae can ruin the look of your concrete. Whether it be a sidewalk, pool deck, patio, or driveway, we can clean it and give it that “new” look again. And also create a curb appeal to your property. We use a low pressure approach to cleaning concrete. As a high pressure can strip layers away and also etch concrete. Concrete is a very hard substance but it can be destroyed with too much pressure.  We utilize professional equipment to clean concrete. A surface cleaner is used to clean concrete to minimize stripping, which occurs when using a wand. We use a pretreat to loosen all contaminants. Then when we are done we follow up with a post treatment to help even out the cleaning and help keep contaminants away longer.

Wood Cleaning

Your deck, fence, porch, and other outside wood projects are a highlight to your home. Dirt, mold, mildew, and harsh weather elements can damage the wood highlights of your home. We specialize in wood cleaning services. We remove all of the contaminants from all of your exterior wood projects. The best way to get all of this cleaned is to use our professional wood cleaning services. Using our wood cleaning services will save you time, hassle, and alleviate the stress. If you are looking for a professional wood cleaning service, then look no further, we are the company for the job! We will provide you with a high quality service and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Fatboy Prowash?

Customer service is our number one priority while serving you.  No bait and switch techniques, only the best value offered every time.  Professional equipment and staff will handle any size job.  We are industry experienced, trained, and certified professionals.  Licensed and fully insured for up to two million dollars for pressure washing services. Handymen and landscapers may be insured for some items, but this may not cover pressure washing while on your property.  We are environmentally certified and understand wastewater laws and act in complete compliance with EPA and the Clean Water Act while servicing your business or residence. We 100% Guarantee that you are and will be happy with our work.    Our experience and expertise speaks for itself. When you need a professional pressure washing service performed on your home or business then look no further than Fatboy Prowash. Properly pressure washing any surface requires you know what pressure washer to use, which chemicals to use for each surface and most importantly how to handle a pressure washer and not cause damage to the property. Pressure washing machines can cause severe damage when handled by a non-professional. So give us a call or schedule a free estimate online today to get started on having your property properly pressure washed.  Call us now at (828) 292 3612  to set up your fast and friendly, free estimate.